iGaming Platform


Our advanced and powerful iGaming platform offers full-spectrum management solutions, for the complete control and monitoring of operations of any scale.

The system gives operators total mastery of multiple gaming products and verticals via a single console management system, resulting in a completely unified operation. It includes numerous customisation tools, an impressive CMS, robust payment gateway system, reporting and dashboard features, a sophisticated bonus management system and rapid third party integrations.

We provide a wide range of highly flexible products, services and technical features, addressing all conceivable requirements. The complete package allows operators to choose exactly how they want to use it, from plugging into specific modules and content to utilising the whole platform as a stand-alone product, enabling them to obtain an overall view of their business and efficiently boost their revenues.

iGaming Platform


The system features numerous customization options. Our customers are free to create a one-of-a-kind betting offering, being able to:

  • Uniquely customize your brand by choosing from the greatest selection of bet types, leagues and betting events
  • Configure your target payouts and margin
  • Configure varied payouts between the different leagues, events and bet types.

Content Management System

The SBTECH platform has incorporated a dedicated content management system (CMS) to provide your customers with original, fresh and appealing content. Our CMS can help you develop and maintain a unique style for your brand and provides complete control over every aspect of the content on your site.

With this kind of control you can manage your content in an automated, dynamic and consistent way. Most of all, you will benefit from obtaining an entirely search engine optimized system. The CMS enables you to rapidly build a solid SEO-oriented infrastructure and any new content added on top of it is automatically made SEO-friendly so that it can generate maximum value.

Bonus Management System

The system includes an advanced bonus management system which provides powerful means for customer retention.

The system allows you to reward loyal customers and provide betting incentives by distributing a variety of bonuses. It lets you tailor bonus offers targeted according to the exact needs of any given customer, maximizing the effect of your loyalty program.

The bonus management system provides you with a great variety of bonuses to choose from. They range from a welcome bonus to diverse reload bonuses linked to select betting events or offered on a standalone basis.

Reporting & Dashboards

The SBTech back-office makes available performance dashboards with detailed reporting breakdowns per sport, league, country, customer, VIP level, etc.

All incoming betting transactions and outcomes are made available for the operator together with all relevant details.

Payment Gateway

  • Configuration Set-Up
    The available payment solutions are based on functional configuration with various payment providers, which enables quick and easy set-up for separate merchant accounts, as well as simple set-up of payment methods with pre-configured payment parameters.
  • Worldwide Coverage
    The payment gateway system offers a wealth of global solutions. Local payment methods can be easily enabled through our integrated gateways.
  • Settings & Control
    Operators enjoy full control of the payment process, with fully configurable methods and complete data access to manage risk and detect fraud.

Live Data Monitoring

  • Real-Time Updates
    The functionality of the payment platform is fully compatible with the available payment features of each payment provider. Real-time updates for every transaction are processed and delivered via the automatic Payment Gateway System.
  • Real-Time Monitoring
    Our back office tools allow close real-time monitoring of ongoing transactions processing. The status of each initiated transaction can be reviewed according to numerous parameters and outcomes.
  • Smart Filtering
    Payment solutions are configured for maximum operational efficiency, allowing the back office user to coordinate and summarise the collected data. The filter option ensures proper monitoring and easy handling of transactions by parameters including operation type, amount and country.
  • Customisation
    The platform offers the option of customised views for both the end client and the back office user. All solutions can be modified according to the preferences of each specific operator.

CRM & Player Management

The CRM module gives operators a complete and detailed analysis of each player’s activity and performance across all products, verticals and channels. A comprehensive player management tool helps in-house traders to categorise and assess the risk of each punter, through an overview breakdown of player history, account details, payment methods, transactions, and betting patterns/behaviors. Player segments can be handled separately and receive tailor-made offers/promotions with unique promotion codes. Each code allows for easy measurement and tracking of the offer’s performance.

Through our third party integrations and in-house tools, including email, chat, SMS, push, phone, inbox messaging, and pop ups, you can manually adjust your content and optimise communications by tailoring the right message to each specific segment and scenario.

Single Account

Our solution is available under single account - online, mobile and retail systems are all gathered on single platform enabling you to manage your operation from a single back end, giving you better control over your business

3rd Party Integrations

Integrating our system is made quick and easy, we have straight forward APIs and support two types of integration - seamless and wallet-to -wallet integrations, allowing you to choose the preferred model for your product

We have proven experience in integrating leading bookmakers and gaming operators and can guarantee plugging you in smoothly

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