Existing Bookmakers

Cut your heavy operation costs coming from trading overhead and odds feeds

Offer your players a wider and richer betting offering, more sport types, leagues and bet types

A superior live betting offering enabling you to beat the competition

An advanced mobile betting solution presenting the future of sportsbetting

Semi-Managed Solution (LBM) is a powerful tool that allows professional bookmakers to centrally manage and control their live betting offering in an easier and more efficient way

Fast markets is an enhanced betting experience that allows players to predict whether a specific event will take place during the next one or five minutes and see the outcome settled immediately

SBTech solution enables existing bookmakers to reduce their operational costs and update their current offering with our advanced live betting and pre-match products.

One of the biggest problems any bookmaker is facing is turning gaming revenues into actual profit given the high costs of trading and odds feeds, covering all important leagues, major events and bet types is a must for being competitive, however it also involves a significant growth in expenses which usually leaves a similar profit line and sometimes even smaller

SBTech takes these two important parameters out of the equation, giving you the opportunity to present a better offering without committing to new operational costs, our model will let you have bigger profit on your current turnover and grant you a real opportunity to grow your business

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