Gaming operators

Add a leading Sportsbook product to your offering without having to deal with any core bookmaking aspects

Trading & risk management will be handled by us so you can focus on marketing and promotion

Retain you players with the world's most popular gaming product

Reach and acquire new segments of players

Offering a Sportsbook product no longer requires a massive operation, deep understanding of bookmaking and complicated day-to-day management. We took all variables that might raise an unbeatable challenge out of the equation to give you the ability to run your Sportsbook as a simple gaming product. What used to be a market dominated by veteran bookmakers only is now open for any ambitious gaming operator thanks to SBTech advanced offering.

Our experienced team of traders will handle all on going trading and risk management operations for you, enabling you to spend your efforts and resources on marketing the new product while having no doubt a phenomenal margin would be delivered on any given level of turnover.

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