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Our land based solution presents a premium sports product built specifically for the requirements of betting shops/kiosks, including a sophisticated agent system that grants scalable control over any size of network

The SBTech land-based solution is complete with a kiosk-based system meant for use at land-based sites and betting shops. The software fits a touch-screen terminal or a standard PC monitor and the entire unit is operated by a cashier.

This system covers all types of events and bets the SBTech platform can handle, including live betting.

As part of the scope of our land based products we also offer an agent network solution for game terminals operated by agents and managed by a head office, this way you will to manage any network regardless to its size and complexity.

The system enables you to build levels of management hierarchy that will match your specific network structure, you will be able to manage the cash streams within the structure in the most efficient way, having full control and transparency.

Certified by: iTechLabs GLC Certificate