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Join our 326 happy employees
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DraftKings Life and Careers

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DraftKings Life and Careers


  • Dynamic
    We sign up passionate playmakers with superior skills and the will to win – and we celebrate all our shared successes.
  • Fast Growing
    Seize outstanding opportunities for career development at a company that’s expanded rapidly to over 1,000 people across 8 international locations.
  • Innnovative
    Work at the leading edge of an exciting, fast-paced industry, where your talent, ideas and commitment to the cause will shape the best users experiences.

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  • Marin Dimitrov
    R&D Manager
    Ultra-competitive in everything I do, working with the smartest people to deliver the best software solutions makes this the perfect place for me.
  • Martin Chaov
    Senior Software Architect
    In SBTech we say - come for the job, stay for the challenge. Over time I've come to realize that the most challenging and inspiring part of my job is the impact one could have on other people.
  • Ellen Kim
    Senior Software Engineer, DraftKIngs Boston
    I've found that working with really intelligent people to build new products motivates me to continue our journey at DraftKings together. Learning and sharing a variety of skill sets with each other, and solving technical problems together keeps me really interested in the industry and makes me feel highly valued at DraftKings every day.
  • Ralitsa Zareva
    Casino Operations Team Lead
    Applying for the position of Casimo Operations Manager in SBTech is one of the best decisions in my ten years’ experience in this business. Here I get to work not just with two, but eleven markets and there are new continents to conquer!
  • Iryna Overchenko
    Product Manager
    For me, it is essential to be surrounded by intelligent and passionate people I can learn from, so I grow professionally. Working here never makes me feel bored. If one is looking for a place, where reward depends on efforts, with a dynamic atmosphere and a great team – one should bet on SBTech.
  • Gurpal Benning
    Product Manager – Retail
    In my time with SBTech, I have been able to work with multiple clients and teams in various territories – this is fascinating. This sort of experience was not available for me elsewhere. I work with matrix teams who are all positioned to support our end clients as well as support the constant evolution of our product. I enjoy being able to work with people at all levels of both our (and our clients) organisations and I particularly enjoy the time we can spend with our end customers.
  • Jack Murphy
    Site Lead DraftKings Dublin

    The Dublin office is an opportunity to build DraftKings Engineering for the first time outside of Boston. DraftKings Engineering has an amazing track record of innovation and delivery that I want to be part of. We want to bring the DK culture, add a dash of Irish culture, and deliver real value into the overall DK Engineering organization. Building the teams and hiring the best talent is a very exciting prospect.

  • Liubov Lopushanska
    Delivery Manager - Retail
    I came to SBTech three years ago. As a big, product company it was a great opportunity, but also a huge challenge for me. The hiring managers decided my energy, desire to make things work in the best possible way, and fearless attitude was exactly what the Retail unit needed. I started as a scrum master for one team, then for three, soon became a project manager for the whole unit – 5 teams in total. Today I hold position of a Retail Delivery Manager and know for sure - in this company everything you wish for, is possible. It’s just a matter of time and effort. This is how I joined SBTech and, to be honest, I’ve never regretted it.
  • Garrett Wong
    Garrett Wong, Director Growth Marketing
    Being on the frontier of mobile Sports betting in the US, the business problems we face are net new. We get to challenge problems that there are no playbooks for. If you are looking to be innovative, while constantly test, prodding, and tweaking things to find the best outcome, DraftKings could be a great place for you to land.
  • Nikolay Mindizov
    Head of Trading Operations
      There’s nowhere else I could combine my passions for sport and maths, developing my potential in such a dynamic environment.

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